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As part of local governments effort in transforming towards smarter cities, there need to be an initial baseline visibility on the digitalisation readiness of local governments. This visibility is crucial for cities to strenghten its operational foundation in accelerating their smart cities initiatives. This effort will also support  the subsequent data management  capabilities towards value creation with AI driven analytics.

  • Strategic objectives of this Cities Digitalisation Readiness are :

    1. To assess level of digitalisation readiness of the internal departments of local governments.

    2. To assess level of digitalisation readiness of the external government departments at local level.

    3. To assess digitalisations gaps potentially contributing to the implementation risks and achievement of smart cities targets.

    4. To provide recommendations and capacity buiding acitivities in strenghtening digitalisation readiness.

  • Datuk Nik A Faizul  |  Smart City Architect   |    Emerging Industry Builder   |       |      +6019-2697008     |

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