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The SDG11 on Sustainable Cities and Communities advocates for holistic and integrated approach in implementation. The New Urban Agenda (NUA) in turn, focuses on cities sustainability in 4 core dimensions namely Social, Economy, Environment and Spatial. In realising these global aspirations, it is SCN's objective to be the regional delivery platform in addressing cities challenges through systemised and collaborative Smart Cities initiatives.


As Smart Cities implementation involves multiple contents and stakeholders, it is therefore crucial to align related parties through a systemised implementation  framework. This framework encompasses the 3Ps of implementation namely Policy, Programs and Projects.


POLICY IMPLEMENTATION is Leadership Driven charting the future Smart City Maturity Roadmap for cities through an actionable Smart City Action Plan, supported through a data driven governance system for short term decision making and future proof policy planning.


PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION is Management Driven in nature with the objective to sustain the Smart Cities initiative in contributing to the growth in Digital Economy, Job Creation, Well-being of Citizen and Sustainability of the program. In delivering these targets, several key areas of Smart City Program need to be put in placed namely Program Delivery Office (PDO), Innovation Hubs, Funding and Investments Planning, Data Management, Ecosystem Development and operationalisation of Integrated Operation Centre (IOC). For developing countries where capabilities and resources are scarce, , this Program Management capabilities are delivered through Public-Private Partnership (PPP) between City Councils and established Private Corporations.


PROJECTS IMPLEMENTATION  in turn, is Technology and Investment driven with projects to spur the growth of Digital Economy in the cities marketplace. These projects involves key smart cities domains namely Smart Living and People, Smart Economy, Smart Mobility, Smart Environment, Smart Government and Smart Digital Infrastructure. SMEs and Start-ups are key drivers in delivering these projects. To support these companies in projects delivery, collaboration with funding and investment partners is crucial.

In supporting these efforts, several ENABLING INITIATIVES are equally crucial namely partnerships at global, regional and local levels, capacity building, standards and certifications, Industry 4.0 technologies, early participation of youth as future leaders, etc.

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