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This year's GAIN builds on the remarkable success of the Global AI Summit 2022, which drew over 15,000 industry professionals and government officials from 95 countries. The Summit sparked a formative dialogue between technology, policy, and ecosystems, featuring more than 230 speakers recognized for their eminence and groundbreaking work, showcased over 40 technology use cases, and bore witness to the launch of 8 global initiatives.

From AI's broader societal impact to cutting-edge hardware developments, GAIN will spotlight AI's path to profit for businesses whilst delivering on its potential to better the world. It will consider the creative partnership between AI and art, delving into the dynamic world of generative AI, and explore how the technology transforms into a backbone for smart, prosperous, and sustainable cities. And as we make sense of AI's increasingly sophisticated abilities, the summit will also foster a thoughtful dialogue about the ethics and boundaries of AI's ever-expanding capabilities.

Saudi Arabia recognizes the importance of AI as a core focus of its Vision 2030, a transformative plan aimed at diversifying the economy and fostering a knowledge-based society. With AI at the heart of this vision, the Kingdom has been actively investing resources to build capacities and nurture talent in this domain, making it an ideal backdrop for this gathering.

The Smart cities Network through our Chairman, Mr KC Tay will be participating as invited speaker to the event.


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