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City Digitalisation Readiness Workshop with Batu Pahat Municipal Council (MPBP)- 29 May 2024

The objective of the workshop is to establish a baseline visiblity on the digitalisation readiness of local council to implement the smart city initiative, which involves 15 internal departments, sections and units. This exercise primairly involved baseline gap assessments on data type, data input, data integration, data platform, data analytics, etc. It has also provided greater awareness to city officials on the value to intensify digitalization of city operations to improve city services, instead of perceiving smart cities as additional activity above and beyond existing work functions. 

This exercise is part of the overall pioneering effort by MPBP in implementing  their Smart and Low Carbon City Action Plan 2023-2030 through  ‘Smart City As A Program’ approach.

This workshop was moderated by SCN Exco Member on Smart City Implementation Planning, Datuk Nik Faizul.


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